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shut up & eat

you know my love is sweet

[ shut up & eat ][ Beat/Yoyo ]
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a community for the pairing of Beat & Yoyo from Jet Set Radio
art by myradi

[ the geeks mods ]
we do modly business and you should worship our shimmering golden rollerblades.

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[ shut up & eat ][ Beat/Yoyo ]
welcome to the first (and only) community for the you-know-it-happened-in-game love of Beat/Yoyo from Jet Grind Radio/Jet Set Radio Future. these two trash-talking (but still loveable) graffiti-artists on wheels are no doubt, a perfect match. or rather, they're a terrible match, and that's why we love them so gosh darned much. perhaps it's hero-envy that drives Yoyo to become better, and perhaps it's power-lust that causes Beat to take advantage of his status as the better GG. or perhaps these two are fluffy-lovey-dovey sweethearts that hold hands and watch sunsets together. whether it be dysfunctional or just plain sappy to the point of rotting your teeth, if you enjoy Beat and Yoyo in fluffy, romantic, or sexual situations, then shutup_and_eat is the place for you!

[ rules & shit ]
1. all posts must be relevant to the Beat/Yoyo relationship. background pairings (such as Clutch/Jazz) are fine, as long as the post remains Beat/Yoyo-centric.
2. no character/pairing bashing. while this remains a Beat/Yoyo community, members are not restricted to liking JUST Beat/Yoyo, and they may not appreciate bashing.
3. be polite (and not stupid) or the mods will crush you.
4. please try to use proper grammar in your posts. not everyone speaks English as a first language, though we do appreciate effort.
5. community promotions are fine so long as they are related to JSRF or JGR.
6. all fanart/fanfic/icon/etc. submissions above the NC-17 (mature for excessive sexuality, gore, etc.) level MUST be friends-locked.
7. icon-posts are allowed a total of three (3) previews, the rest must be under an lj-cut.
8. fan fiction must be labeled with the title, author, rating (G, PG-13, R, Mature) and warnings, and the story itself must be placed under an lj-cut.
9. art posts consisting of more than one (1) image or excessively large images must be under a cut. also be sure to label your images "not safe for work" (NSFW) if they contain mature material.
10. TRY AND REMEMBER TO TAG YOUR ENTRIES, PLEASE. fan fiction, fan art, icons, media, requests, rants, cosplay, community promotions, introductions, misc.

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