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introductions, layouts, and all other nonsense

finally! layout is done and shutup_and_eat is ready!! x3 Beat/Yoyo fans can now post their fanart, fanfics, icons, and whatever else without worrying about startling those who aren't too keen on male/male pairings.

feel free to post an introduction or whatever else you'd like, as the community is now OPEN.

just another note, though: read the rules in the profile before posting, please! we're not really all that strict, but we do sorta want to avoid getting striked-out by livejournal for something silly.

despari & myradi are the mods of this lovely community, so if you've got issues you gotta take up somewhere, go to either of us, k? we'd rather not have any crazy drama if it can be avoided.

ummm... yep.
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