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Beat/Yoyo Holiday Challenge

Beat/Yoyo Holiday Challenge '07
Running through December until the week after New Year's!

After much (meaning: absolutely no) deliberation, I have decided to go on and put up our first community art/writing challenge. All members are eligible to participate from now until the week after New Year's day.

The Challenge Prompts

You can do any or all of them, if you want, so long as they comply with the community's rules. For posting your submissions, just use the default posting format. Also, should you choose to use a prompt for writing, but also want to add art for the same prompt, it's completely fine.

All of these prompts are flexible, and you are completely free to interpret these things in any way you see fit (so long as it complies with the rules).

Be sure to rate your submission as accurately as you can, and if it goes above an R-rating, either friends-lock the entry or make use of LiveJournal's new Adult Content filter option.

Basically, just have fun with this. Be silly, serious, and creative. Also, either in the subject header or somewhere in your submission, please specify what prompt(s) you've chosen.


The Prompts
Prompt #01: Christmas Past, Present, & Future
Prompt #02: Secret Santa
Prompt #03: Under the Mistletoe
Prompt #04: Fruitcake
Prompt #05: Christmas Carols
Prompt #06: Naughty & Nice
Prompt #07: Kwanzaa?
Prompt #08: Presents
Prompt #09: Mrs. Claus
Prompt #10: Hot Cocoa
Prompt #11: Make a Wish
Prompt #12: New Year

Have fun! Questions, feedback? Post 'em here.

♥ Myradi.
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